about Purple Cray

Purple Cray was founded after one of its owners found herself racked with pain following a back injury.  After visiting with numerous doctors, myriad tests including MRIs and blood tests, her diagnosis was inconclusive.  She was left with few choices - physical therapy, heavy duty (opioids, steroids) painkillers, surgery, and...waiting.

While medical professionals should always be the first line of defense when confronted with a health issue, it occurred to her that there had to be another way to take on the chronic pain she was experiencing.  

That's when she was introduced to CBD products.  As the legalization of hemp products has moved them more and more into the mainstream, a tincture containing CBD made its way to our founder.  She tried it and could not believe the results she experienced (everyone's experience is different, always consult your doctor).  Her pain was greatly reduced and she wasn't experiencing the side effects of the heavier medications.  

That's when the light bulb went off - she and her family had to continue to explore alternative, natural solutions to healing that could work for themselves and others.

From there, Purple Cray was born.  Purple Cray is focused on identifying high quality products in the health and wellness sphere; products that can offer relief with minimal side effects, allowing the body's own natural healing to take its course.  Products that are ethically sourced, organic, and natural.  

All Purple Cray products are purchased and sampled by the owners and curators so that what reaches our store represents what we know to be high quality solutions.  

From water purification systems, to dietary supplements and whatever the future brings...Purple Cray is dedicated to making your life more...Purple.  And Purple to us means healthy and holistic.  

So take a spin and see what you like.  And we look forward to serving you now and in the future.  

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Purple Cray...Purple-ize Your Life!